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March 2021

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MaoMao Castle: A Magical Cat-Dragon Fantasy Adventure. You are a MaoMao, a magical cat-dragon that lives in a castle in the sky with all their MaoMao friends. Disaster! The castle has been invaded by the Big Bad and all your friends have been imprisoned, it is now up to you to go on a fantasy adventure and rescue them. MaoMao Castle is a game reviving the classic arcade experience of short burst fun in a vivid magical world. Inspired by Chinese Dragons, this game combines Western style fairytales and East-Asian folklore. Featuring a rich world full of rainbows, forests, and temples to navigate your long cat-dragon body through. Use a mixture of magic, and sheer force as you try not to lose your 9 lives.


MaoMao Castle: A Magical Cat-Dragon was conceived at Castle Game Jam 2016, in a castle in Örebro, Sweden. Where it won Best Graphics, Best Music and Best Overall Game. Since then it has been in development as a labour of love. Working on the game with whatever spare time we had from our day jobs. All the while being showcased at as many events as possible. Currently MaoMao Castle has been shown over 60 times in public. Helping us play-test the latest builds of the game to raise public awareness. The game is available on itchio as an Early Access build.


  • All ages, non violent gameplay
  • Fast arcade action fun
  • Click, swipe, or motion your way through through dense environments
  • Evade or Dash through obstacles
  • Collect rainbows
  • Fight your way back to MaoMao Castle and save it from the Big Bad!
  • Free your friends and unlock other MaoMao
  • Choose from different MaoMao, 16 skins and more to come
  • Playable with Mouse and LEAPmotion in Early Access
  • Controller and Keyboard support to be added
  • Online Global and Curated Friend List High Scores
  • Chiptune beats that will throw you right back into the arcade days
  • FREE GAME with option to support the dev by purchasing lucky cats


MaoMao Castle Pitch video YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (214MB)
MaoMao Title Cat.png
MaoMao Screenshot - Avoid the Trees.png
MaoMao Screenshot - All Together.png
MaoMao Screenshot - Bamboo Swirl.png
MaoMao Screenshot - Choose a Side.png
MaoMao Screenshot - Click to Dash.png
MaoMao Screenshot - Cut the Grass.png
MaoMao Screenshot - Giant MaoMao.png
MaoMao Screenshot - Over and Under.png
all together.gif
avoid the trees.gif
chase the rainbows.gif
choose your path.gif
cutting the grass.gif
jupiter star.gif


Awards & Recognition

  • "Zealous.co Emerging Gaming Prize, Finalist" London, May 2018
  • "Intel Buzz London 2017 Developer Showcase, Runner up" London, April 2017
  • "Pocket Gaer Connects London 2017 Very Big Indie Pitch, Finalist" London, January 2017
  • "Best Overall Game" Castle Game Jam, Örebro Sweden, July 2016
  • "Best Graphics" Castle Game Jam, Örebro Sweden, July 2016
  • "Best Music" Castle Game Jam, Örebro Sweden, July 2016

Selected Articles

  • "MaoMao Castle is a face-melting arcade game about a flying cat dragon."
    - Robert Purchese, Eurogamer
  • "It’s very much a love letter to Space Harrier, right down to the bats**t-trippy visuals... it’s a crowd-pleasing gem that suits an arcade setting."
    - Alan Wen, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "MaoMao Castle is a joyous experience for all ages."
    - Jupiter Hadley, Metro.co.uk
  • "Energetic and frantic, Asobi.tech’s debut release... is not-only a crowd pleaser, but an addictive, joyous foray into the journey of a flying Cat-Dragon"
    - Dann Sullivan, Big Boss Battle
  • "...fun old school arcade action, charming pixel art visuals and a very silly premise. Certainly worth checking out for some flying feline fun!"
    - Jupiter Hadley, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • "What really impressed me... was the thought that's gone in to making sure it keeps the player engaged. The clever stage design..."
    - HdE, HdE's Totally Unoriginal Gaming ShowYoutube

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MaoMao Castle: A Magical Cat-Dragon Fantasy Adventure Credits

Quang Nguyen
Game Designer & Coder, Asobi.tech

Viet Nguyen
Artist & Game Designer, Asobi.tech

Cain McCormack
Music, Freelancer

Andrew Lemon
Music, Freelancer

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